Right now I’m doing PhD journalism and media economics.

I’m a certified sports journalist (and yes, no idea how I’ve ended up at that department).

The biggest inspiration for me is Moscow of 1910’s and New York of 1960’s. And travelling. And books. And food. Basically, everything around.

I speak English, German and obviously Russian. Plus I had two (quite futile) trials to learn Spanish.

My first ever celebrity-crush was Leo from “The Charmed” and I feel super embarrassed about that.

60% of my emails are the reminders of passwords to different web-sites.

I’ve got only one voice mail ever, but that was 28 minutes long.

I’ve been wounding my hair on my forefinger ever since I was a kid.

I don’t like video games, but there was one that has actually taken 2 months of my life away as I have been playing it literally days long – that was “The Sims Medieval”.

The only thing’s smell on this planet that I do hate from the bottom of my heart is celery.

Drawing (2)IMG_5736


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