Copenhagen – it’s a severe North Sea, the Danish Renaissance, Gothic churches, Andersen’s fairy tales and at the same time it’s the ultramodern neat architecture, designer boutiques, unique sense of style. We made our weekend trip to the capital of Denmark two years ago. We remember really good how we were looking not at the local sights (by the way  we’re big fans  of wandering in the art galleries and the museums!) at first, but on the Danes. We were really pleasantly surprised that the city has a lot of fashionably dressed people who combine in their style sometimes absolutely incompatible things (such style of oxymoron but it looks awesome).

One of the best walking places is the well-known Nyhavn of course. On each side of the quay are located “doll’s” townhouses, which reminds the Danish fairy tales. In the summer it is often possible to meet there young musicians who entertain public with national songs. In spite of the fact that Copenhagen is very balanced, quiet and strict European city, Nyhavn has absolutely other atmosphere – relaxed and fun (perhaps is the proximity to the sea so weaken?).

But we won’t talk your’s ear off, better read below which places locals suggest you to visit in Copenhagen. And have an excellent  day, spring is in the air!

Sasha and Dasha

What to read: “Miss Smilla’s Feeling for Snow” by Peter Høeg – unbelievably catchy detective story about one lonely woman, one lonely dead boy and Copenhagen in snow.

What to watch: “The Killing”(dk: “Forbrydelsen”) – one of those TV-shows that you can’t sleep without seeing it all at once. The political intrigues, the murder and the heavy social background are the essentials to a good Scandinavian drama. Plus the leading role is played by perhaps main Danish TV-actress – Sofie Gråbøl.

What to listen to: the magical roulades by the piano virtuoso with a mermaid voice – Agnes Obel.

What to visit:

Natalia Enge from concept store Sirin (that is just love, check it!):

“If you want to listen to not that big musicians playing live in Copenhagen, there are plenty of places to go to, e.g. Loppen or Operaen, those are located in the famous and free-loving district Christiania. The best world live music is to found in Global and jazz is often played in Bevar’s that is in Nørrebro district. The bars – it’s easier perhaps to name not the exact adresses, but the directions, because there’re a lot of cool places and they do dissapear and transform quite often. So go to Kødbyen (ex meatpacking district with quite a few progressive art galleries, excellent new and rather old restaurants and night clubs, it looks brutal and homely in the morning hours, but in the evening it blossoms and kindles with lights), Nørrebrogade (many new places are being opened there, here is located our   design concept store SIRIN, must visit one :)), Jægersborggade and Stefansgade (probably one of the busiest place with the highest concentartion of interesting bars, cafes, small shops, starting with the famous beer bar Mikkeller&Friends to the boutique with nitrogen ice cream and vodka boutique). The tip: use your intuition and observe the public.          

  To welcome a beautiful dawn you can visit plenty of places as the country is quite flat, so it will be seen nice from anywhere. But you can go to either any beach (Amager strand – an ideal sand beach that looks straight to the East plus there are equipped cool bathing hubs where you can fresh up pretty much all year around; Islands Brygge – a city beach, where you can wait for a dawn and then jump into water from the bridge) or to any lake (Søerne lakes are located in the city centre, that is the oldest topographic element and ex spring of drinking water, and now it is a popular place for walks, fishing as well as for endless photo exersises at the topic of dawns, dusks, reflections and other romantical stuff. The bridge of the Queen Louise is a must-have geotag.  

The best sunset is at Copenhagen Street Food, the foodcourt that was opened in the huge hanger on the island PapirØen (used to be a centre of newspapers’ production) couple of years ago. Live music, DJs, food from all over the world in different trailers – everything is here. At the quay you can sit in the chaise longs and observe the local vivid public if it isn’t outshined by the sunsetting sun. For rebels those love to go against the public opinion we can suggest not to be scared of damaging their reputation and to climb the only “mountain” in Copenhagen Frederiksberg, where the sadly known Zoo is located”.

Amina Charai, tattoo artist from Bright Side Tattoo :

“On Friday night I would suggest some places to visit, but it really depends on what you are in the mood for. Copenhagen got pretty much a bit of everything! There are tons of student bars in the centre where I used to go when I was younger: The Moose, Floss, Studenterhuset, Halvvejen ect. But I always enjoy old bodegas very much, because I can smoke in there. Mostly local clientel, but it’s easy to start talking to some old-timers 🙂 A lot of them are closed now, but some still exist: Bobi bar, Jaguaren, Kanal Bodega, Eiffel Bar, Stærkodder. Also Månefiskeren in the summetime. They got an outside garden where you can smoke everything 😉 There is a lot of live music on their outside stage. The same with Nemoland, but it’s usually too crowded for my taste. But there’re toooons of young people. If you sit on the hill untop of Nemoland, its more cozy and you got a great view. These places are in Christiania. My all time favorite national cuisine spot is a old old bar/restaurant called Skindbuksen! It exists since 1723 or something close to that! Great food, great service and full of old people partying and dancing! Live music! They got an actual piano that some guy plays on while you eat and it’s loud. Love it! And it’s in the dead centre of town, close to Nyhavn. Also my own bar Haabet Bodega Bar (I come there a lot haha)”.
Amanda Thomsen, photographer from Amanda Tomsen Photography 

“From Denmark as a souvenir I would bring a bicycle and if I had plenty of space it would be a Christiania bike 😉 They can be used for everything and it’s a great substitute to a car! Otherwise I am a big fan of chocolate, and there is great variety of chocolate here and the big trend now is with licorice, all kind of chocolate with licorice mixed together. Personally I absolutely love Pålægschokolade, which is something you eat mainly for breakfast. Thin slices of chocolate that are used as topping on bread, best with some nice cold butter on the bread and then the spread on top! To make a perfect Instagram photo of Copenhagen you need to go somewhere in the middle of the street probably in Nørrebro or Versterbro area or iner town to get the bikes and low buildings from each side.  Here’re my pictures from Snaregade which one of the older streets situated in the old part of Copenhagen city.

As for the museums, one of my favourite are Louisiana Museum of Modern Art which is situated a little bit out of Copenhagen, lovely place and exhibitions and a great view over the sea facing Sweden. It is also a beautiful little trip to get there.  In town there are many museums, like Glyptoteket, or The National Gallery of Denmark. Gorgeous places! But being a photographer myself I love going to the  National Photomuseum, which is inside  The Black Diamond, The Royal Library. It has some great photo exhibitions”.


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