Rhodes, Greece


As you might have already understood, we have slightly disappeared. We lost ourselves in fuss. No, really – the exams have imperceptibly sneaked up (as always though), and the philosophy of science is no kidding, plus the work routine has come in and the endless amount of different urgent adult stuff (faugh!) and so on. But the miracle happened – we survived. And to celebrate it, we went on a small journey. That’s why this week we will tell you, what and how to make it on the pretty island of Rhodes (Greece).


What to visit.

City of Rhodes. That is a real historical mix. Rhodes is a highly intense tangle of the spirit of the Ancient times with its’ ruins of the classical buildings, of the epoch of conquistadors with its majestic Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights and of the period of the siege of the island by Turkish Sultan Suleiman I. At the same time the island itself is super green, so it’s a pleasure to walk around the city even during hot summer days in the sahdows of the tree

Here’re some tips for shopping.  To get a nice pair of really cool and not that pricey sandals, go to the small shop called Famous. Don’t forget to visit a corner When in Greece, where you can get original stationary (oh yeah) by the Greek designer Leandros Katsouris and also a photo-shop. The Kodak film costs there about 4 Euros.


Prasonisi. That is the place where, according to the romantic Greeks, the calm and majestic Mediterranean Sea gives a kiss to the restive and ungovernable Aegean Sea. Well to say it plainer – that is the junction of those two seas. A sight is to say the truth breathtaking. Tipp: the easiest way to get there by a rent car – we got a Huinday Accent for 3 days for 90 Euros (without petrol).


Lindos. Ae tiny village, located in a picturesque bay, is a mini-alternative to Santorini. Here you have the authentic white houses with cafes on the roof-tops, but much cheaper than in the other similar places in Greece.

What to buy?

Apart from olives, sweets, olive oil, feta cheese and other food (which must be purchased in the supermarket chains, the cheapest and the most delicious were found in Spar), pay attention to the Doca, Verde is and Fullah Sugah bags – those are the Greek mass-market brands with the original stuff at a very good price. For cosmetology fans: castor oil for hair, tea tree oil for facial care, coconut oil – for body and argan oil- for everything. You can also buy an inexpensive natural loofah and pumice stone.



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