Rhodes Style Diary #1


There is an old Russian song called “Summer is a tiny life”. So that week we’ve spent in Greece I consider as a very short, but still “summer” holidays: sea, sun, frappe and incredible level of laziness. They say, varnished tale (in this case, song) can’t be round. So those seven days were very busy. And I’m not talking about sightseeing, although the touristic program we have successfully completed (see the previous post). E.g. next to us used to live three Austrian girls, who were hating on us, because we were listening to German rap (not that loud actually). On the other side of our room there was another neighbor, a Russian man A., who was quite mercilessly chased by his wife: she didn’t let him swim in the pool, refused to take pictures of him on the porch, because his face was in the shadow, and forced him to wash her feet on the beach. A rent-a-car guy D. forgot the keys of his house in a car that we have rented, and he has been waiting for us for a few hours and saying that he really needed to go home. At the same time, as we have arrived and he has got his keys back, he stayed happily at the hotel, playing cards and drinking wine. Once at the hotel we were attacked (well, not directly attacked …) by some pye-dogs. Not far away from our hotel there were two donkeys, who ate with pleasurethe food we have brought with us, but didn’t let us stroke them. One of them almost bit, by the way, Dasha’s hand. And it all happened in 168 hours. And the moral is: if you draw towards weird people and strange situations, do not worry – you are not alone!


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