Berlin, Germany

Every city on the Earth can be described with many epithets, besause, firstly, all of them are unique and beautiful in their own way, and secondly, any person has his own associations with them. But Berlin is somehow an exception to the rule. Perhaps, there is no other city in the world that would’ve earned such an unanimous and pretty capacious definition – multicultural. Or how the Berliners say – multiculti. And that is not an old stereotype. Here you have a district that is inhabited by immigrants from the former Soviet Union –  Marzahn, and in Kreuzberg, it seems, all nations live. So if you want to look at typical Germany with its gingerbread houses and gothic cathedrals, it’s  not about Berlin. But if you’re looking for a weekend in many countries at once, you won’t find a better place than the capital of Germany.

What to listen to: Berlin is an avowed capital of electronic music, so pay attention to the band “Easter” that is perhaps the most important represent of the minimal wave nowadays and at the same time they are absolutely geniuses of the video-arts.

What to read: “We Children of Bahnhof Zoo” by Christiane F.

An ambiguous book will guide you down the hidden places of Berlin, those you wouldn’t want to butt into in real life. Christiane F. is an alias of Vera Christiana Felscherinow and she is a former drug addict and prostitute, who has become a secret queen of the Berlin’s counterculture. And “We Children of Bahnhof Zoo” is a skillful imitation of autobiography, because the book was actually written by the journalists, Kai Hermann and Horst Rieck from the magazine Stern, but from Christiana’s viewpoint. The Bahnhof Zoo is the largest and the most unpleasant railway station in the city, but not the only one where you will visit – you will see also the districts Neukölln and Gropiusshtadt. Anyway the book is emotionally difficult, but true. Maybe it will help someone fighting with his own demons.

What to visit:

1) Clubs. The admission fee is fluctuating between 8 to 12 Euros, that depends on the day of the week and the line-up.                                                                                                                             Tip:  download an app Gästeliste – with its help you can register for parties and get there for free.

  • Tresor – it was at some point a true Mecca for all electronic music lovers that was the first place in 90s where the West- as well as Ost-Berliners were welcomed. But today it has turned into a really touristic place, so the about-towners, and has lost its original charm, but it has kept its legendary status. Address: Köpenicker Str. 70.
  • Kater Blau – if zour soul demands fun from Friday to Monday, visit “Blue Cat”. Especially good is their open space. Address: Holzmarktstraße.
  • Berghain – that is one of the best clubs on the planet, that’s all you need to know. That’s why be ready that the dress-code and face-control is quite strict here – the secutity doesn’t let in every third person. The building, where the club is located, is a good example of the Stalin’s architecture. Address: Am Wriezener Bahnhof.

Tip from blogger Jasmin Fatschild ( из Берлина:

I don’t really drink alcohol, but you can find a lot of cool bars nearby Görlitzer Bahnhof.

2) Food. We’vу already mentioned that there are so many different cafes and restaurants in Berlin, where you can literally try any national cuisine. What do we suggest to visit?

  • Mustafa Gemüse Kebab и Curry 36. Firstly, the typical Berlin’s specialities are döner kebab and currywurst. Secondly, those two stalls, so the legend, were the first to serve those things. Thirdly, they are located next door to each other. And finally you can try here the vegan versions of döner kebab and currywurst. Address: Mehringdamm 32.
  • House of small wonder – an ideal place that is hidden exactly in the city-centre to have a cup of cofee or ginger tea, to try different sweeties and ti enjoy the interior. The waiters speak only English in here – a pure example of globalization. Address: Johannisstraße 20.
House of small wonder

Tip from Jasmin:

If you have never been to Berlin before, visit a hotel Grand Hyatt (Marlene-Dietrich-Platz 2) for a cup of coffee. You’ll fall in love with this place – a gorgeous location is supplemented withunique interior design. But for all that it’s not that expensive.

Must-visit are also Mauerpark (a Sunday market-place with authentic and hipster clothes, accessories and concerts, address: Gleimstraße 55) and a former David Bowie’s house (Hauptstr. 155).

What to brind as a souvenir?

Tip from Jasmin:

There are so many cool stuff in Berlin to find! 3D printer for instanse. Many people buy Ampelmännchen (that is the symbol shown on pedestrian signals in the former East Germany and now a symbol of Berlin – C.K.).


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    Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog. I look forward to reading more of your post and looking at your wonderful photos. By the way, there is a movie made in the 80s called Christiane F.
    Take care and Happy Travels

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