Berliner doughnuts (Krapfen): vegan

Today I prepare for you vegan  alternative of popular German donuts (Berliner Pfannkuchen), that are deep-fried and filled with jam. In Germany you can buy Berliner in each coffee house and a bakery, but this donuts are very popular in the Christmas season and Carnival (Fasching).

So, let’s go!


Cooks in 50 min.

Ingredients for 6 donuts:

  • oat flour (or wheat flour) – 250 g.
  • soy or almond milk – 100 g.
  • topinambur syrup – 50 g.
  • coconut oil – 50 g.
  • oil for frying (olive or sunflower)
  • vanilla beans (at option)
  • strawberry jam – 70 g.
  • icing sugar for topping
  • dry yeast – 11 g.

How to:

Mix warm soy milk with yeast, step by step add topinambur syrup, coconut oil, vanilla and flour. Mix everything again and leave the mixture in the warm place for 40 minutes.


After the dough has raised, transfer it to the “sausage” and cut into 6 equal parts. Form the donuts. Leave it for 20 min. (the dough will rise).

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Fill the warmed frying pan with oil. Deep-fry the both sides of donuts. Drain fried donuts on paper towels.

Fill a pastry bag with jam. Poke a small hole in the both sides of the donut and pipe the jam inside. Dust still warm donuts with icing sugar.


It’s so easy to cook! Guten Appetit!




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