Berlin Style Diary #1

My relationship with Berlin lasted 5 months. To be completely accurate – 153 days. There was also a week when we were on the break – I was back home for Christmas. But during our “romance” many-many weird things have happened (weird is a quite good word to describe Berlin itself). Once, for example, me and my friend went to take pictures of the graffiti, where Brezhnev gives a kiss to Honecker. And, of course, we weren’t surprise that there, firstly, was no iron grating that protects the image from vandals, and secondly – there were no tourists. However, we managed to make a couple of photos, before we were chased – well, at this time people were filming a scene of some movie, and we ruined shamelessly the whole process. Once one of my friends has come to visit me in Berlin, and in the night we ran out of cola. So we asked for it my neighbor, and then he used to leave the notes at my front door for the next couple of days. The thing is that they were very confusing, so their content remains a mystery to me till now. And  I do not advise you (extremely) to go on any public transport in the night-time – this is not only about your safety (although that might be dangerous), but the homeless people love to sleep on the warm trains. By the way, about homeless. There are so many of them in Berlin, I mean, really a lot, and they often hang out in the public places, for example, on the first floor of the University Library. In general, my feelings to Berlin, to be honest, are quite ambiguous, but they stillsomehow remain fresh – I’d like to see him in the summer.



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