Döner Kebab: vegan

In spite of the fact that Döner Kebab is native part of the Arab cuisine, I associate this dish only with Berlin. Thanks to the Turkish emigrants even Germans consider Döner as part of their ethnic cuisine.

In Germany Döner consists of pitta bread and such stuffing like meat, sauce, greens and vegetables, but sometimes it can be wheat-flour tortilla instead of pitta bread. Vegetarian Döner with soft cheese (feta) as a substitute for meat is usual thing in Berlin.

Tip for lacto-vegetarians and who eats meat: If you visit in Berlin, try Döner Kebab that you can buy in popular quarter Kreuzberg near the metro station (U-bahn) Kotbusser Tor. The stall (Dönerbude) is called Tadum Döner.

You can choose Mustafa’s Gemüsekebap as well. They’ve also one of the best and popular Döner in the city. It’s located in Kreuzberg near the Mehringdamm metro station.

I’m sure, that it’s possible to “build” any dish for vegan cuisine. And today you learn, how to make a vegan Döner!

Cooks in 20 min.

Ingredients for 2 Döner:

  • tomato – 1
  • 1/2 bell pepper
  • cauliflower – 100 g.
  • a segment of a garlic
  • small bunch of dill
  • tofu cheese – 150 g.
  • small bunch of greens (I took rocket salad=arugula)
  • 1/2 lemon
  • handful of cashew
  • salt
  • pepper
  • pitta bread /wheat-flour tortilla – 2


Cube tomato and bell pepper, grate cauliflower (use the side of grater with large holes) , chop greens. Then mix everything, add salt.

Sauce: Crush cashew to a condition of powder in coffee-grinder. Put this powder in a bowl, miх it with water (it should has “sour cream” consistence). Add choped dill and garlic, lemon juice, salt and pepper. Sauce has to be quite spicy.

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Cube tofu cheese and fry it until golden brown.

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Parch the both sides of pitta bread or tortilla on a frying pan.


Put the sauce on pitta bread/tortilla, then put mix of vegetables and tofu cheese on top.


Wrap tortilla and pierce it with bamboo stick. Döner is ready!


Quick, tasty and it will stick-to-your-ribs! Go vegan 😉






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