Rome, Italy

Rome is a great place to visit: you gonna like it, if you only start to travel through Europe, as well as if you have already been e.g. to Italy, because this is the city, where you can always find something interesting. And we will try to give you some ideas on, what to visit, what to see and where to eat with the help of Natalie Kennedy, who lives in Rome and runs a wonderful blog An American in Rome.


Museums. Any city in the world has a museum and, as a rule, more than one. But such concentration of the works of the human genius, as in Rome, is hard to find anywhere else. We know that it is, perhaps, the most obvious destination for the tourists, but trust us – you lose your mind from the paintings and the sculptures of the Italian Renaissance, no matter how many times you have already seen them.

Tip: during the summer the public excitement is great around the museums, so try to come either to the opening time, or an hour or two before closing.

  • St. Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican Museum complex – you can visit them at once. To get to the Basilica you have to pass literally a few kilometers of museums. We were in Rome in August, and that is the most ungrateful month for excursions (the normal daily temperature reaches 40 C!)
    So we bought a ticket with a guided tour that provided us passing without waiting in the line. We bought our tickets from a representative of some tour company, they are always “catching” the tourists nearby the Vatican itself. That cost- € 40 per person. The only negative thing about that excursion is the price and the fact that we have looked around the whole St. Peter’s Basilica in 5 minutes, and the guide led us to the square in front of the Cathedral. In order to enjoy the full majesty of this architectural miracle, to see the painting by Caravaggio, the throne of St. Peter’s and Michelangelo’s Pietà, visit the cathedral again another day. To visit only the museums, buy an integrated ticket for 15 euros, so you’ll see all the treasures storing there. Pay attention to the Sistine Chapel. A picture of two hands touching each other, of Father and Son, today is one of the most recognizable pieces in the world of art. To see this Michelangelo’s immortal creation is just necessary.                             And most importantly: girls, do not forget that your knees and shoulders must be covered. Also for men: no shorts!
    Tip: You can buy a ticket via Internet – you will have to pay 4 euros more, but you will avoid long queues at the entrance.
  • Borghese Gallery. Cardinal Borghese collected in XVI-XVII century beautiful samples of the classical art, they were subsequently supplemented by the works of Van Gogh and Monet, and now everyone can enjoy them for 11 euro in 75 museum halls.


Ice cream. Coffee and ice cream (gelato in Italian) are the real symbols of the Roman dolce vita. Where is actually the best ice cream served?

  • Gelateria dell’Angeletto – that is a very small cafe that is conveniently located near the city center. It is noteworthy, first of all, because of the fact that it serves gluten-free and vegan ice cream. Address: Via dell’Angeletto, 15 (Monti).
  • Gelateria Fatamorgana – we recommend to visit this place for those of you, who is tired of the usual pistachio or vanilla ice cream (although you can have it here as well). Do you want to know, how does the gorgonzola or tobacco ice cream taste? Note the address: Via Aosta 3 (Re di Roma).
  • Fassi – the cafe was founded in 1880, which gives the full right to the holders to argue that they were the first in the ice cream business in Rome. Well, it’s hard to prove, but why? Ice cream here is really tasty and traditional in a best way possible. Address: Via Principe Eugenio, 65, off piazza Vittorio Emanuele II.

Tip: You can stroll about the streets by public transport, and by taxi and by foot. However, if you have driving licence, we encourage you to rent a legendary scooter Vespa for the holidays, which is another symbol of the city – feel yourself like a true Roman.

By the way they have the most stunning sunsets in Rome.

Tip from Natalie:

I love to watch the sunset from the Giardino degli Aranci. Or treat myself to a drink on the terrace of Hotel Raphael to watch the sun set over the rooftops of Rome.

Orange Garden Address: Via di Santa Sabina.

Raphael Hotel Address: Largo Febo, 2, 00186.


Food. We checked ourselves – the food will be delicious in any restaurant or cafe in Rome. Just delicious.

Advice from Natalie:

If you want to try REAL Roman food, don’t miss Augustarello. There is no nonsense to this local restaurant that serves pasta and meats typical of Rome.

Address: Via Giovanni Branca, 100

If it happened so that you are alone in Rome, here you have an advice on how to end up your day, rich of the variety of experiences in the Italian capital.

Tip from Natalie:

I would go to dinner at Pianostrada. From there I would walk through Trastevere, over the river to Il Goccetto for a glass of wine. Both are cozy and welcoming and perfect for a solo night out!

Address Pianostrada Vicolo del Cedro, 26

Address Il Goccetto: Via dei Banchi Vecchi, 14


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