Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki is one of the most Northern European capitals, and that is reflected in the portrait of the entire city: it is romantic, but that romance is a specific, brutal, sailor romance. It is very beautiful, but that beauty is an amazing minimalist beauty. In any case, I think, you wouldn’t regret if you decide to visit Helsinki. And we will try with the help of our friend Sylvie to advise you what to visit, where to eat and how to have great time.


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So, the traditional must-see program in Helsinki includes:

  • Helsinki Cathedral, located in the city centre
  • Central Art Museum of Finland Ateneum, where you can see the priceless paintings by the Finnish artists, such as Eero Järnefelt and Akseli Gallen-Kallela, as well as by the world’s greatest masters: Edgar Degas, Ivan Shishkin and many others
  • Helsinki Central Station – from there you can go to other Finnish cities

After an exhausting tourist stroll, we advise you to regain the strength and have a good old snack. Fortunately, the Finnish cuisine is, as well as any Northern really, rich in nutritious and delicious dishes.

Silvie’s tip:

I think when you come to Finland you should try the “rye bread” – it’s really traditional here, and if you are brave, you can try a dish called “mämmi” [a traditional Finnish Easter dessert of rye flour and malt – ed.]. It’s weird, but some people like it! Most restaurants here serve international foods, so you might have to go to a market and buy the Finnish food there.

If you are into sports, check out hockey match of the local team Jokerit. Tickets cost about 30 euros, and all the information isavailable on their official website.
What to experience in Helsinki on Friday night? For example, you can listen to lovely live music and enjoy the stunning sea sunset.
Sylvie’s tip:
For live music Kaiku is a good place to check out, when they have live nights. It’s also a really cool looking place! Also Friday night you can start by having dinner at a restaurant like Vapiano. Then go out for drinks in a city bar that has a cool
terrace, and then, if your into going clubbing, you could check out clubs like Namu or Circus.
Kaiku’s address : Kaikukatu 4
Vapiano’s address: Mikonkatu 15
Namu’s address: Kaivokatu 6
Circus’s address: Arkadiankatu 4

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And if you have some extra free days, then you absolutely have to visit the neighbour countries on a ferry.

  1. Cruise Helsinki – Stockholm, Viking Line. The minimal cost of this route two ways would be 49 Euros.
  2. Cruise Helsinki – Tallin, Viking Line. The minimal cost of this route one ways would be 20 Euros.

So we hope you have found our little guide to Helsinki interesting and helpful, and you have searched something out exactly for you. Anyway please share your favorite places in Helsinki in the comments down below!

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