Vienna, Austria

If you like cities fulfilled with grandiose architecture and touch of imperial wealth, Vienna should be one of your holiday trip destinations for sure. We, as always, have tried our best to compile some ideas on what remarkable places to visit in Austrian capital with the help of our friend Bozhana Shoshkova.


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So, we always try to acquaint you with the unusual, or at least not entirely obvious places to visit in any city we’re talking about as much as we can. But sometimes, and Vienna is such a case, there are things that everyone is doing, but those are seriously must-done things, because without them the portrait of the city would not be completed.

First of all, we recommend to make a trip on a bus Hop On, Hop Off. So it will take you all over the city and you’ll see all the main attractions. Moreover, there is a voiceover that will tell you all necessary information about them. The thing is that there are so many really fascinating museums, palaces and monuments in Vienna, so you need at least a week to experience them all. And from the bus you’ll see most of them and you will be able to decide, which of them to visit later. The ticket will cost you € 15 or more – depending on how many routes you want to take. More information is available here.


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Secondly, the opera. Even if this one word makes you sleepy, yet Vienna Opera is an incredible experience. Located in a beautiful building, it is all imbued with fine arts and long history. Of course, the tickets are not cheap, but you can save much money, if you buy your cards on a day of the perfomance – 80 minutes before it (the standing tickets will cost you around 70 euros). More information is here.


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From all the museums for which Vienna is internationally famous, it’s so hard to pick one or two to visit. However, in our opinion, a must-visit is a museum of Gustav Klimt, and especially the bookshop that is located inside of it. It’s a pure book kingdom with a great selection of many amazing tomes. Yes, and museum itself of the, perhaps, most famous Austrian artist strikes with a luxury minimalism – probably this oxymoron describes the best the internal atmosphere. Information about tickets is here.

Wiener Secession Art Gallery Vienna Austria

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And now perhaps the most exciting part of this post – where to eat in Vienna.

Some vegan options are:


  • Loving Hut – Favoritenstrasse 156, Nahe Reumannplatz

Part of international chain of vegan restaurants inspired by Supreme Master Ching Hai, an advocate for vegetarian living. Vegan food, coffee, non-alcoholic beverages, and more.

Vegeterian cuisine, gluten-free, dainty expensive dishes.

  • Veganista Ice Cream – Neustiftgasse 23/3 | And Margaretenstrasse 51

Fantastic, vegan ice-cream, more then 20 flavors.

  • Neni am Naschmarkt – Naschmarkt Stand 510

Friendly and cozy atmosphere, middle Eastern cuisine, delicious hummus and falafel.


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If you’re not vegan, here’s a tip from Bozhana:

Vienna is famous for its schnitzel so Figlmüller is the place to try a huge portion of it.

Address: Wollzeile 5, 1010 Vienna | Bäckerstraße 6, 1010 Vienna

An absolute favorite and famous drink in Vienna is coffee. There’re numerous coffee shops to try different sorts of it, but we have a special tip on this topic as well.

CoffeePirates Vienna – carefully hand roasted coffee served with a small surprise on top

Address:  Spitalgasse 17 & Währingerstraße 14 – 1090 Vienna

And for a good night-out we have some ideas for you as well:

Club Celeste Wien – underground-club where you can chill or dance to truly good old school, pure vinyl.

Address: Hamburgerstrasse 18, 1050 Vienna

Anyway we hope you like this post! If you’ve been to Vienna, please share your tips on what to visit there! Stay tuned for next posts)

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