Vienna Style Diary #1

The very first time I came to Vienna, I was 7 years old. To be honest, I don’t remember a lot of things: no palaces, no museums or monuments. But the amusement park “Prator” – for God’s sake – how good it was and how deep in my memory it has remained. One of the coolest attractions there, in my opinion, was a maze or some kind of an obstacle course. The first of its levels was just for people like me – for those, who was under 10 years old and who had problems with logic and vestibular apparatus. But if I get into the swing, ha-ha, I literally go hard. And I went on the next level of that maze designed for adults (or smart kids) on my own risk. I understood my mistake in about 3 minutes. Somehow I have still reached the last room of it. But that was exactly something that has completely demoralized me – that space, literally 2×2 meters, was fully made of the mirrors. So my watch was over. Well, seriously, I didn’t understand how to get out of there. And by the way, I did not cry, but kept on asking myself a rhetorical question: why the hell I went there. As a result, I was sitting there for 20 minutes, until one Austrian boy of my age came in and found the exit in 10 seconds. Well, I also went out. And the moral of this story is: girls do still need sometimes boys to save them. From themselves, as well.



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