Punta Cana – Part 1

Friends, during two weeks we gonna tell you about one of the most wonderful places on our planet  – it’s municipal district of Punta Cana-Bávaro-Veron-Macao on the Southeast coast of the Dominican Republic.


Atlantic ocean, Caribbean sea, white sand, palm trees, bachata and salsa, coconuts, mango, papaya and friendly Dominicans are a guarantee that your adventure will be stunning.

Olesya (sister of Daria) helped us to reveal the secrets of a successful trip. She spent two years in Punta Cana and worked there in the travel agency. Olesya not only talked about the worthwhile excursions in the Dominican Republic, but also shared with us her amazing personal photos:

To begin, I would like to say that people, who have been once in Punta Cana, always wanted to come back and stay there for a livetime! At least that happened to me. In 2012, my family made six weeks vacay in Bavaro, which has the best beaches in whole district. I was in love with the Dominican Republic, so I came back after one year and worked there in two years.


Today I will tell you about the best excursions in the Dominican Republic. Let’s begin.

1. Saona island (Isla Saona), located in the Caribbean sea – I recommend everyone to visit it! The island is very popular for its beaches with white sand and clear blue sea. 10-12 hours tours it’s the usual thing for the Dominican Republic. Be ready, that the trip on the Saona island will take the whole day. First, you travel 1,5 hours by bus to the port, go by small local villages, visit local shops, where you can taste/ buy Mamajuana – national alcoholic drink, which is considered very healing.

Then begins the most interesting  part – it’s a catamaran trip to the island. Event staff will teach you how to dance bachata, you will also get a snack, refreshments and lots of rum!

On arrival at the island you will be literally blinded by the beauty of this fabulous place! On Saona you will be offered the buffet lunch, which usually consists local vegetables, fruit salads, chicken and fish.

The average cost of the tour is $ 100, but there is another suprior option  for $ 130: champagne and crabs will be added in your dinner will. Moreover, you will also visit the Altos de Chavón village, where is the atmosphere of the early colonial Spanish era. You can visit there an archeological museum and a reconstruction of a Greek amphitheatre.


2. The Samana Peninsula whale watching

Anyone who was inspired by Herman Melville “Moby-Dick”, this trip is for you! The Peninsula can be reached by bus from Punta Cana in 4 hours or by the plane (the flight duration is about an hour).

The humpback whale season is from the mid-January to the end of March. On the catamaran, you’ll sail in the open ocean, where you can watch whales. Of course, it all depends on the mood of the whales, sometimes they just show off with some tail wagging and swim away. In any case, this is a stunner!

Transfer and meal service are also included in this tour. The average price is about $ 250. If you visit Punta Cana in other seasons, you can travel on the Peninsula for a fishing. There are some excursions with such option.



3. I would also recommend you to visit the capital of the Dominican Republic – Santo Domingo

You can buy a tour to the capital where you will be guided through the ancient part of the city, which was founded by Bartholomew Columbus in 1496. Pay attention to the Columbus Lighthouse – the monument in tribute to Christopher Columbus. By the way, you can visit designer boutiques and  a lot of souvenir shops.

The trip costs about $ 80. You can reach Santo Domingo by a rental car or by bus. The distance from Punta Cana to Santo Domingo is 215 km.





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