Liebster Blog Award

So, guys, here’s a little bit of an off-topic post. We have been working on the content for our blog for the last couple of months and although we weren’t always there and on time, but we want to thank everyone, who has joined our world, for all of your nice comments and interest in what we’re doing. And we got a nomination on Liebster Award 2016 from lovely Jess from Just Jess. That is such an honor to get this nomination from her – she is such an inspiring makeup artist with a real outer and inner beauty. So check out her blog, you’re going to love it.


This year we have seen so many cool blogs and it is just great that the positive power of Internet grows. There are so many talented people, and we are happy to say that one of them has become our true online friend. Her name is Lara and she has an incredibly stylish blog The Blackberry Season. Why do we love her blog? Well, first of all, because of the clean, minimalistic design. Secondly, because she is a nice person with beautiful outlook on life. Thirdly, Lara has probably the most amazing tips and tricks, what places to visit and just general ideas about life. And you have already guessed, we suppose, that we absolutely love travelling, meeting new people and experience different things. That is just awesome to find someone who shares your passion. We truly and deeply hope that one day we will meet in real life.

To learn more about us, please, check the About section – we have some random facts there that you can find entertaining. Hopefully)

And now is our turn to nominate some of our beautiful followers for this award:







P.S. Sorry, if you have more than 200 followers. Here you will find all the rules.

And back to Jess, here’re answers to her questions:

1) What’s one item you can’t live without?

Sasha: It changes every single day, honestly, but, perhaps, at the moment – mascara.

Daria: Foundation.

2) Who do you look up to?

Sasha: It is always so nice to see passionate people doing something they love. There’re honestly so many talented kids, artists, fashion icons. But my true inspiration is my mommy.

Daria: I love Adele and her music – so inspiring!

3) What made you want to start blogging?

We actually wanted to be heard, to share our own experience with other people and get positive feedback.

4) What does your typical day look like?

We wake up, do some basic beauty routine and then we write article as we’re working currently as freelance-journalists. And yeah create some content for the blog. Nothing special)

5) Favorite fashion accessory?

Sasha: Rings all the way. My biggest wish is to have all the rings of this world.

Daria: I love small earrings with gems.

6) Do you have a job outside blogging?

Yes, freelance-journalists.

7) What show can you always binge watch?

Sasha: There are sooo many: Friends, Two and Half Man (only with Charlie Sheen though), Sons of Anarchy, Game of Thrones and so on. I’m a geek.

Daria: Classics as Jeeves and Wooster!

8) One place you want to travel to and why?

Sasha: I suppose, Singapore. I think that would be a truly magical experience.

Daria: Fiji – people are saying that it is one of the best places to live in. And I’d love to try some local food.

9) What is natural hair color?

Sasha: Really dark blonde with ashy undertone.

Daria: Brown with reddish undertone.

10) Who is your current favorite music artist?

Sasha: Dua Lipa, Post Malone and queen Ri.

Daria: Drake.

11) What is your goal in life?

Live in peace without cruelty and be like Kanye West.

Here are the questions to our nominees:

1) What is favorite dish from your national cuisine?

2) What languages do you speak?

3) What place you will never visit again and why?

4) What is your favorite literature character?

5) Have you ever thought on going vegan?

6) Describe yourself in 3 words.

7) The best way to spend a weekend.

8) What is your favorite movie and why?

9) How you prefer to travel: only with hand-luggage or with billion suitcases?

10) What is your daily beauty routine?

11) Who is winning: Kim or Taylor?

Thank you all once again and stay tuned!


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