Punta Cana – Part 2

This week we continue to tell you about magnificent Punta Cana!

Today Olesya (who worked in Punta Cana for two years in the travel company) will share with us 4 great excursions in the Dominican Republic!

1. Helicopter tour

Yes, it’s quite expensive, but you understand that your emotions will  run high and it’s just wonderful experience. The helicopter will fly over the most beautiful coastline in the world.  You will remember it for a very long time. By the way, it’s better to choose evening flights because all of the hotels are glowing in the sky and it looks fascinating.

The average duration of the helicopter flight is from 15 to 60 min. I flew a few times for half an hour, in principle, it was enough for me.

There is also the option to pilot a small planeI tried it on my birthday.  It was one of the coolest gifts from my friends! The duration of flight was half an hour, whereby I was able to change the direction of the plane, fly up and down. Of course, the second pilot was nearby! This pleasure costs approx. $ 700.


One of the undeniable advantages of the helicopter tour is the chance to make stunning photos!

2. Jeep Safari

You will ride your jeep through the wild jungle, cane and cocoa plantations, local villages, admire the beauty of the mountains and the breath-taking landscape. In addition, you’ll take horseback trip to the coast, where the Caribbean sea meets the Atlantic ocean. It’s a very eventful trip.

The tour costs about $ 90.


3. Montaña Redonda

It is a mountain in Dominican Republic which is located about 10 miles from the town of  Miches.  You can climb the mountain on foot or  you can rent a car/ safari truck. The mountain lay out the magnificent view.  Moreover, you can swing on the several swings on the mountain.  And there is a possibility to hold a wedding ceremony there. 

I visited the town and the mountain by car. There are a lot of guided tours which also include a visit to Redonda.


4.Dolphin Explorer (Punta Cana)


It’s a wild life park where you’ll be able to touch, swim and even do some light acrobatics together with the dolphins under the careful supervision of the professional instructors. You’ll get a huge charge of energy and positive emotions. If you prefer extreme, you can choose the program where you’ll swim with sharks. In this Park, everything is possible. In addition, you will get acquainted with other animals like seals and lions, parrots, etc.

The price depends on the chosen program: approx. from 149 to 259 USD







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