Würzburg, Bavaria

Friends! This week we gonna tell you about one of the most charming towns in Western Europe with the truly royal architectural space. This is the graceful ancient city (first heard in the year 704!) Würzburg in Bavaria.

Würzburg is the starting and ending destination of the “Romantic road” – the most famous tourist route in Germany, that includes a lot of medieval cities, the castle Neuschwanstein and the Alps.

We’re in love with this Bavarian town, especially because there lives Daria’s grandpa and she visits Würzburg very often. Let us disembosom all of the best attractions of the city for all restless travelers!



From the Frankfurt airport to Würzburg in 1.5 hours by speed train ICE. The approximate cost of the ticket is € 30


By bus in 2 hours. The ticket price is much more attractive – about € 6-10


From Munich airport you can also travel by train or bus, but the ticket price’ll be higher and the length of the trip takes approx. 3-4 hours

From the airport of Memmingen town:

1) by bus to the bus terminal in Munich in 1.5 hours – € 17


2) by bus direct to Würzburg in 7.5 hours (transfer in Nürnberg or Munich takes 2.5 hours)



What to visit:

1. Würzburger Residenz – Baroque Palace is located in the heart of the city and is its jewel and the calling card. Moreover it’s one of the World Heritage Sites UNESCO. Napoleon has named the residence “one of the most beautiful priest houses in Europe”. The construction of the Palace took place in the 18th century by the famous architect Balthasar Neumann.


You can visit the residence by yourself or with the tour group. It’s open to the public all year round, the cost of the ticket is € 7.5.

Wander through the magnificent Hofgarten (Court Garden) near the residence. You can visit it all year round and it’s absolutely free. Every year in late June in the Garden is held one of the most significant cultural events – Mozart festival. This event gather a lot of classical music lovers.

2. The State Wine Cellars (Staatlicher Hofkeller Würzburg)
The real treasure of the residence is hidden in the wine cellars, where for centuries is kept and matured for about 600.000 liters of wine. It’s MUST HAVE for all wine lovers!

You can visit the cellars with a tour group and taste the famous Franconian wines. Events are held several times a month and only in German language. For example, the 3-hour tasting of six wines + excursion – € 28 per person. If you like to have wine tasting with dinner, the ticket price will be approx. € 60.


3. St. Kilian Cathedral (Würzburger Dom)
The main Cathedral of Würzburg was heavily damaged during the bombing of the city 16 March 1945, but later was rebuilt and restored. This architectural monument is an eclectic mix of Gothic and Baroque.
Tip: from Easter to 31 October from Monday to Saturday from 12:05 to 12:20 come to listen the organ. Moreover, the Cathedral often hosts the organ concerts with guest musicians from Europe.


4. Old main bridge (Alte Mainbrücke)
Continuing your romantic stroll through the historic center, you can walk from the Cathedral to the Old bridge, which connects the town with the famous fortress Marienberg on the hill. The old bridge was built in the 15th century and was decorated with sculptures of the twelve saints in the 18th century. Today the bridge is always full with tourists because it opens the stunning view of the Franconian vineyards and architectural heritage of Würzburg.

Tip: visit the famous restaurant Alte Mainmühle (quite expensive) or a small café nearby. Buy a glass of wine or the popular Aperol Spritz cocktail (5 Euro) and enjoy your drink, walking across the bridge.


5. Fortress Marienberg (Festung Marienberg)
Majestic Marienberg was built in the 13th century, but for many centuries the hill was occupied by the various strategic important buildings. After completion of the building, the fortress was the residence for the prince-bishops till 18th century.

All of the fortresses, including Saint Mary’s Church and Museum of Franconia are accessible to the public. Enjoy a great view of the town and the vineyards on the terrace. During the tourist season you can visit the fortress in tour groups.





  1. jengarynewadventures

    I was just talking to a client yesterday about his travels to Germany, what he liked to eat, and trying to find food here in Tennessee that is authentic. I am from Germany on my dad’s side and had always hoped to travel there one day! Thank you for sharing 🙂 Jen

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