Day to Night

I think you all already know that I’m a jewelry junkie. I mean I love a good ring set. Or an elegant bracelet+watches combo. Or beautiful earrings. The best thing as I suppose is that every piece of jewelry adds a new vibe to an outfit: feminine, effortless chic without trying really. You can look like a total Tom-boy – add a gold pair of earings – bam! – you are an adept of sporty chic. It is so easy, isn’t it? Anyway today we’ve teamed up with a wonderful jewelry brand from my favorite NYC – AUrate. First of all, they make amazing pieces (you can see yourself). Second of all, all of the jewelry is handmade from ethically sourced materials, that’s right, no conflict minerals at all! Thirdly, they give back to economically disadvantaged schoolchildren with each purchase of their jewelry (check it here). And finally they ship internationally! Yay!

So here’s my attemt to make a perfect day to night look including AUrate beautiful hoops! You can order them here.

1 look

2 look

So what is the perfect jewelry for you? And what earrings would’ve been your personal choice to compliment either of these looks?




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